Udderly Fresh Goat Milk Soap: A Shampoo Like No Udder

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Blend Shampoo Bar Goat Milk Shampoo

Nature's Blend Natural Shampoo Bar

A great bar that has a combination of essential oils great for those who enjoy the outdoors. Cedarwood, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Patchouli, and Clove as well as many other natural ingredients make this bar smell and work wonderfully.

$5.00 Each

Peppermint Shampoo Bar

Peppermint Natural Shampoo Bar

Refreshing and perfect for most hair types. Great for that close shave! An all around yummy 3 in 1 bar.

$5.00 Each

Grapefruit Natural Shampoo Bar

Grapefruit Natural Shampoo Bar

A nice grapefruit aroma comes from this bar. Sweet and simple sure to please.

$5.00 Each

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Tea Tree Natural Shampoo Bar

A great medicinal bar. Tea tree is great for different scalp issues like dandruff. Great for normal to oily hair.

$5.00 Each

What on Earth (Patchouli, Clove & Lime) Shampoo Bar

This is one of our fan favorites! Earthy Patchouli is blended with clove and a twist of lime to give a wonderful aroma. Great for normal to dry hair types.



$5.00 Each

Lavender Sandalwood Natural Shampoo Bar

This bar is just awesome! It smells great and is perfect for most hair types. Extra herbs for a healthy head of hair like nettles and heartsease have been added. A true client pleaser.



$5.00 Each

Dog Shampoo bar

Natural Dog Shampoo

If you have a four legged companion then you must have our natural dog shampoo! Great for their sensitive skin. It doesn't strip their coat of its natural oils so they stay cleaner longer!

$5.00 Each

Natural Shampoo: All Natural Goat Milk Shampoo

Our Udderly Fresh shampoo bars are sure to please. We use only healthy natural ingredients to give your hair and body nurturing attention. By leaving out harsh chemicals like the ones used in traditional shampoo, our shampoo bar will cleanse and condition your hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils. Our large percentage of castor bean oil as well as coconut oil contributes to luxurious lather. This also makes it a great shaving cream. D-Panthenol and Wheat Protein are added for natural conditioning. Horsetail is added for natural hair growth. We know a shampoo bar seems kind of different but we are confident that you will find a shampoo that works for your hair type, take a look and give us a try.


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