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Simply Natural Lotion

All the benefits of our amazing lotion without any essential oils. Provides a mild honey scent from the natural beeswax. Great for those who prefer unscented or who are more sensitive.


Natural Citrus Orange Lotion Bar

Citrus Orange Natural Lotion

One of our most popular lotions it provides a mild citrus aroma and awakens the senses. A great subtle but wonderful smelling bar that isn't too feminin for men.


Natural Lavender Lotion Bar

Lavender Natural Lotion

Calming and soothing to the body and mind. Our lavender lotion not only relaxes you but provides your skin with healing, softening, and moisturizing relief from dry cracked skin.


Peppermint Lotion: Natural Peppermint Lotion

Eucalyptus Peppermint Natural Lotion

Our best lotion designed for colds and flu. Great for sore muscles as well as muscle spasms. Also good for migraines.


Natural Lemongrass Lotion Bar

Karli Eczema Natural Lotion

This lotion is packed with herb infused olive oil and Essential oils that are healing and nurturing to skin that suffers from dryness as well as more harsher skin issues like eczema. Very moisturizing and beneficial to dry, chapped skin.


Natural Patchouli Lotion

What on Earth Natural Lotion

The perfect blend of Patchouli, Clove, and Lime essential oils. This lotion Is a great anti depressant and mood enhancer. It provides great relief for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Patchouli has a very earthy and woodsy aroma.


Grapefruit Natural Lotion

Grapefruit Natural Lotion

Grapefruit awakens the mind and body and lifts the mood. This lotions smells wonderful.


All Natural Lotion Bars

Natural Lotion for dry skin and eczema: We offer seven different all natural lotion bars; Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Patchouli, Grapefruit and Plain lotion. All of our natural lotions are formulated with beeswax, shea butter, and a combination of oils including, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil along with a pure essential oil all formulated and proven to moisturize, sooth and heal even some of the more severe cases of dry skin or eczema.

Our lotion bars are less messy than standard lotions and they are so handy to carry in your purse or in your car so you can have it almost anywhere. It comes with a handy storage container for easy and clean storage. To use, just take the lotion bar out of the container and rub it in your hands or anywhere you would apply standard lotion.

Each natural lotion bar is approximately 2.5 OZ.

This product changed our daughters life

(testimony of Charise Jackson)

Our youngest daughter Karli has a severe case of dry skin and eczema since birth. After trying many types of lotions for her dry skin and eczema without success we were finally forced to use a prescription steroid cream specifically for eczema. After using the steroid cream for several months, we noticed that her body started to build up an immunity to the cream and we were having to use it more and more to keep the eczema at bay.

We were unhappy with the lack of solutions and the increased use of the steroid cream so we started researching and formulating what we know have here, our Udderly Fresh Natural Lotion Bar. We settled on a lotion bar because of the amazing healing qualities in the ingredients required to make this special dry skin lotion. At that time we had no idea that this amazing lotion would also replace the super expensive steroid cream as well but it did.

Immediately, Karli took a liking to the new natural lotion bar. Karli is now 18 months and she loves to have it put on her body before bed time every night. The soothing lotion bar relaxes her and gets her ready for bed like nothing we have ever seen.

Since using the new natural skin lotion bar, we have been able to get rid of the steroid cream completely and we have not had any flare ups on Karli's face or body. This lotion is absolutely amazing and we know you will love it too.


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